ashengrayskies asked:
i have a question for you in terms of archaeology. i know you took anthropology (and are still completing that?); but i was wondering if you have any knowledge of what's available as far as jobs go for an archaeologist. i have been considering taking it; but people keep telling me i probably shouldn't because there aren't a lot of jobs, even though i know i would really enjoy it. i know it isn't exactly your field of work, so if you don't have any idea please feel free to disregard this ask.

Hmm, I only know a little. My PhD is in social (cultural) anthropology, which studies living humans, so there’s not much overlap with archaeology. I took one archaeology class in undergrad and wasn’t very good at it, I’m afraid.

But as far as jobs, I remember a lot of them were definitely research related or teaching related — it’s the same with a lot of anthropology. I really love culture and I wanted to get into teaching, so anthropology was a natural fit for me. With archaeology, I think you can also cross your discipline over into museum studies — so curation, handling, and placement of historical objects for museums. Also, in archaeological materials. That might open up some more jobs outside of teaching.

I’m sure those people talking frankly about your job prospects are doing so because they care about you and want to see you succeed. But at the same time, not everyone has the knack to go into STEM fields that people seem to be pushing students into these days. So I see no harm in you taking classes and seeing if archaeology is a good fit for you. :)

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